Beyond Mowing Your Lawn, Talk To Your Lawn Service About These Other Important Jobs

No one likes arriving home on Friday night after a long week at work to see overgrown grass that needs attention over the weekend – especially if your ideal weekend plans include sipping a cold drink on the back deck. You can easily avoid such frustrations by hiring a lawn service to mow the grass during the week and ensure it's picturesque by the time Friday rolls around. If you aren't the type of person who enjoys working in the yard, talk to your lawn service representative about including these other tasks on mowing day. [Read More]

Using Drapes To Create The Appearance Of A Larger Apartment Rooms

Draperies serve as more than just window covers to block out sunlight and create privacy. Drapes can also create optical illusions to help change the appearance of a room. Using colors, placement, and even patterns, you can easily make windows in a room appear taller or even wider, thus changing the overall visual appeal of a room or even an entire apartment. Choosing the Right Colors Although the average U.S. citizen prefers to live in a roomy, single-family home, approximately 17% of Americans live in either condos or apartments. [Read More]

Spring Lawn Care Tips

With the return of spring is also the the return of time spent working in the yard. Whether you see this is a necessary chore or as an enjoyable hobby, the key to keeping the lawn healthy is knowing what to do and when to do it so you don't have to do more than necessary. The following tips can help you get your lawn off to a good start this spring. Tip #1: Grab Your Rake [Read More]

Tips To Help You Choose The Right Asking Price For Your Home

When putting your house up for sale, there will be a lot of decisions to make, including the price you will ask for it. Choosing the right price can be a difficult part of this process, but selecting the right asking price is vital. Here are several things you should know about this important task. You will lose money if your price is too low and won't sell it if the price is too high [Read More]