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4 Tips for Using a Space Heater in a Room With Laminate Flooring

During the winter, you may choose to supplement your heating with a space heater in certain rooms. Unfortunately, laminate flooring can sometimes react poorly when excessive heat is applied to near to the flooring. This can result in slight warping, bubbling, or shifting of your flooring. It is still possible to safely use a space heater in a room with laminate flooring, but you should take the following steps to help protect your flooring from any unnecessary heat damage. 

Start With Quality Laminate 

Higher quality, thicker laminate can usually withstand higher temperatures than lower quality, thinner laminate. If you are laying a new floor in a room and you know that you may want to use a space heater in the room, then you should opt for the highest quality laminate that you can afford and have it installed by a professional in order to reduce cracks that may cause warping when exposed to heat. 

Use an Insulation Barrier Beneath Your Space Heater

If your laminate flooring is already installed, you can protect it by placing a small insulation barrier beneath your space heater. These usually have a type of fireproof foam on the bottom and a metal shield on the top and can be purchased at stores for wood burning stoves. The insulation barrier will protect your floor from reaching excessive temperatures. 

Lift Your Space Heater Off the Floor 

If you have not purchased a space heater yet, opt for one where the heating elements are lifted several inches away from the floor. Some space heaters give you the option of turning on upper or lower heating elements. You should opt to use only the upper heating element in order to put some distance between the heat and the floor. If your heating element is near the floor, consider propping your space heater up on bricks, which will hold the heat while protecting your floor. 

Make Sure Your Floor Is Not Wet 

While heat can warp your laminate flooring, it is worse if your laminate flooring is damp or wet. Before starting your space heater, you should make sure that your floor is completely dry. In some rooms, you may want to run a dehumidifier to help keep the room at an appropriate moisture level. However, you should be aware that during the winter time, your indoor air should be naturally drier than it is during warmer seasons, so be careful not to over-dry it.