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Four Benefits A Barrier-Free Shower Can Afford You

If you're thinking about upgrading the shower in your home, make sure you aren't overlooking a barrier-free shower. In simple terms, a barrier-free shower is basically a shower designed without a frame that you can simply walk inside. For the average homeowner, this upgrade can afford a number of different benefits.  

Add A Modern Design

The cost of remodeling your entire bathroom can be a costly expense. One that the average person might find hard to cover. If you are looking to modernize the look of your bathroom for a reduced cost, a barrier-free shower can help you achieve this goal. The open design of this shower style is inherently more modern than a traditional framed shower. Since the shower is often the vocal pint of the bathroom, this update can have a dramatic effect on the entire space.

Reduce Upkeep

If you have a traditional shower, you know the task of cleaning the shower door or curtain can be a lot of work. Between the oils from your skin, soap scum, and bacteria, these surfaces can get very dirty. When you have a barrier-free shower, you can eliminate this work. Since this design is constructed without the presence of walls or even the need for a shower curtain, you don't have to worry about this dirt transfer and will have less to keep clean.

Enhance Safety

A barrier-free shower can also increase safety for everyone in your home, which can be especially helpful for young children and the elderly. For those in this group, lifting up their leg to step in or out of the shower can be dangerous. With a barrier-free shower, you can simply walk into the shower without this risk. If you choose to install this type of shower in an elderly family member's home, this can offer them a sense of protection and increase their independence.

Increase Space

A barrier-free shower can also be a great complement if you have a small shower. The average homeowner overlooks the fact that shower doors and curtains can actually take away from space inside the shower. If you already have a small space, any reduction in space is going to be problematic. A barrier-free shower allows you to maximize your shower space. In addition to increasing the size of your shower, this can also make your bathroom appear larger.

Make sure you aren't overlooking the benefits of upgrading your current shower to a barrier-free shower.