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Monitoring Your Foundation's Health

Having home foundation problems is one of the scariest and potentially expensive issues for homeowners. Catching problems early can keep you from the kind of extensive repairs that can keep your home in an uproar and your bank account in danger. If you own a home, be alert to these signs of foundation problems.


No home is going to remain perfectly level, but you can check inside your home for indications of excessive settling. Sticky windows are an early warning sign. If you have always been able to easily open and close your windows, you should pay attention if they begin to stick or fail to completely close. Problems with one window may be restricted to that particular unit. Several troublesome windows may indicate a bigger problem. The same thing applies to doors. If you cannot close them completely or they start to jam regularly, you may have excessive foundation settling.

Also, note if cracks begin to appear in your walls or floor tile. In particular, gaps over your doors and windows are often signs of foundation problems. Also, the area where your ceilings and walls meet is a particularly vulnerable area for settling issues. You may notice a network of cracks appearing there as well. If your home exhibits several of these warning signs, you may have a serious foundation issue.


Cracks in the foundation may really worry you, but they are sometimes just a sign of normal settling. When you are checking outside for indications of foundation issues, you need to look more closely at these cracks. If they are horizontal, they can indicate too much water pressure behind the foundation, which can lead to serious problems. If tiny cracks in the foundation are the only thing you notice, you can just monitor the situation. If they continue to grow larger, you need to contact a foundation repair expert. If you have exterior cracks plus interior signs, contact a professional right away for an evaluation. Waiting to repair your foundation can have costly repercussions.

No matter the age of your home, regularly checking for foundation issues is a wise move. Foundation repair is never a simple task, but taking care of it as soon as possible can save you money and frustration. If you notice signs of foundation problems, contact a specialist and arrange an inspection. Your home will not endure if the foundation is flawed.