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Beyond Mowing Your Lawn, Talk To Your Lawn Service About These Other Important Jobs

No one likes arriving home on Friday night after a long week at work to see overgrown grass that needs attention over the weekend – especially if your ideal weekend plans include sipping a cold drink on the back deck. You can easily avoid such frustrations by hiring a lawn service to mow the grass during the week and ensure it's picturesque by the time Friday rolls around. If you aren't the type of person who enjoys working in the yard, talk to your lawn service representative about including these other tasks on mowing day.

Flowerbed Weeding

As much as having your lawn mowed can improve the look of your yard, things will really improve visually if your flowerbeds and gardens are weeded. Depending on the frequency with which weeds grow in your area, you might not have to have this task performed each week – in some instances, having your lawn care professional do the weeding every second visit will be sufficient.

Lawn Aeration

Having your lawn aerated can help improve its health by allowing moisture to reach the roots of the grass. If this isn't a task with which you can be bothered, request that your lawn service gets the job done at the right time. Your lawn care professional will know the proper time to aerate your lawn based on the type of grass that you grow. Fall aeration is necessary for Kentucky bluegrass, for example, while late spring aeration is best for Bermuda grass.

Grass Weeding

Unless you use weed-deterrent chemicals on your lawn, you'll likely encounter dandelions and other plants growing up through the grass. These weeds can reduce the visual appeal of the lawn, so ask your lawn service about weeding the lawn when necessary. Lawn care experts have a variety of tools that can help them lift weeds without leaving large holes in the lawn, and you should also expect that they'll sprinkle seed in any bare areas left by the removal of large weeds.

Walkway Weed Removal

Weeds that spring up between the bricks or stones of your walkway, as well as through cracks in your asphalt driveway, give your yard an unkempt appearance. It's worthwhile to ask your lawn care professional to tend to these weeds when he or she is done mowing the lawn with a mower like those from Snappy's Outdoor Equipment Sales & Service LLC. These weeds can either be pulled or burned off with a specialized propane torch; either way, this valuable task will keep your yard looking its best.