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Using Drapes To Create The Appearance Of A Larger Apartment Rooms

Draperies serve as more than just window covers to block out sunlight and create privacy. Drapes can also create optical illusions to help change the appearance of a room. Using colors, placement, and even patterns, you can easily make windows in a room appear taller or even wider, thus changing the overall visual appeal of a room or even an entire apartment.

Choosing the Right Colors

Although the average U.S. citizen prefers to live in a roomy, single-family home, approximately 17% of Americans live in either condos or apartments. Take into consideration that the average size for an apartment in America is around 982 square feet, which is comfortable, though not as big as some might like. In fact, it would appear that apartment sizes have been shrinking over the years.

Fortunately, gaining the appearance of a larger apartment is not impossible. You can use drapes to make a room look larger simply by choosing the right colors. For instance, if you opt for solid colored drapes, make sure they match the color of your walls. If your walls are cream colored, you should hang cream colored drapes.

The reason for selecting drapes that match the color of your walls is to eliminate any contrasting colors. Contrasting colors cause visual disruptions, which can break up the flow of the room. By matching the color of the drapes to the walls, the eye continues the travel across the room without any distraction, thereby creating the appearance of having a larger room. Follow this same practice throughout your apartment and you will quickly create the illusion of having a larger apartment.

Choosing the Right Placement

You can change up how a room in your apartment looks by hanging your drapes correctly. For the most part, apartment dwellers are unable to make changes to their apartment. You cannot tear down walls to create more space. You cannot remove small windows and replace them with larger ones. You are also typically not allowed to paint in order to change the appearance of a room, but you can hang drapes any which way you like.

Another way to make windows appear taller is to opt for floor length drapes. Drapes that hang to the floor make windows seem as though they are larger than they are, thus changing the look of an entire room. If you combine these placement strategies along with choosing the right colors for your drapes, you can change the look of your apartment without breaking the bank to do so.

One way to make a room look larger is to make the windows in the room appear larger. For instance, if you have short windows, you can make them look larger by placing the curtain rod up higher. Place the curtain rod so that it sits well above the top of the window in order to create the illusion that your windows are taller than they really are. If you prefer to make your windows look wider, opt for a curtain rod and drapes that are wider than the actual window.

Choosing the Right Patterns

The key to using drapes to change the look of your apartment or a room in your apartment is to make use of optical illusions. Optical illusions trick the eye into believing something that really isn't. For example, you want to trick the eye into believing that your apartment is larger than it really is. You can do this by selecting the right patterns for your drapes.

While placement is one way to make windows appear larger and wider, certain patterns can create the same illusion. Choose drapes with vertical lines to make windows look taller. The vertical lines draw the eye in an upward motion, which tricks the mind into thinking that you have tall windows in your apartment. If you prefer your windows to appear wider, it is best to use a horizontal pattern since it will draw the eye from side-to-side.

Choosing the Right Material

Avoid heavy material when selecting your drapes. Heavy drapes can make a room feel crowded. Instead, opt for lightweight or even sheer materials. Sheer drapes allow more sunlight into the room, which can make any room in your apartment seem larger. Additionally, lightweight materials often flow, which can also make a room appear larger.

If you find yourself having trouble selecting the right drapes for your apartment, talk to a professional. As a recommendation, take pictures of the room or rooms in your apartment and bring them to the professional. A pro can look at the pictures and help you choose the best drapes for the room based on the size of the room, your furnishings, and the coloring of your walls. Contact a business, such as Sylvans & Phillips Drapes and Blinds, for more information about draperies.