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Preparing Your Rental Home? 5 Reasons To Install Vertical Blinds

Getting a rental home ready for tenants does not always require major construction work. In fact, some small changes can make a big difference in both the appearance and function of the rental home—especially involving the windows since they can be seen from the inside and outside of the home. As the owner of a rental home, you will need to choose window treatments that are durable enough to withstand the tenants.

Consider the following reasons why vertical blinds may be the best option for rentals.

Ideal for Allowing Pets in the Home

If you intend on allowing pets in your rental home, you need to choose window treatments that will not easily be damaged by them. Since cats often like to look out the window, along with dogs that may be barking at something outside, you do not want blinds that can be easily pulled down and damaged. Vertical blinds can be pushed aside by the pet without any lasting damage and are much easier to clean than drapes and curtains with fabric that can collect hair.

Easy Treatment to Clean

Horizontal blinds can feel flimsy with their skinny slats that need to be cleaned individually. With vertical blinds, the slats are distant and large enough to be cleaned while they are still attached or can be easily removed and cleaned in the tub. Starting with vacuuming and following up with a cleaning solution should help give the blinds a refreshingly clean appearance without a lot of work.

Massive Color Selection

Adding color to a rental can be a great way to make the space more stylish, making vertical blinds a great fit. While you can use bright colors to make the windows a focal point, it is best to stick with neutral colors that can appeal to any renter. Considering neutral paint colors can help point you towards the best vertical blind colors for the rental, such as light grey, beige, and cream.

Extremely Versatile

Curtains are either sheer and allow in a lot of light or thick enough to block out light completely, but vertical blinds are easy to adjust as needed. This can help the tenants control the amount of light that enters the rental home, making it more enjoyable throughout the day without sacrificing privacy.

Material Freedom

Another benefit that comes with choosing blinds for a rental home is the available materials to choose from. Metal, wood, and PVC are all popular options that can be found at most home improvement stores, allowing you to choose the finish you like best and at the price that you can afford. Something to keep in mind is that wood is very durable and is potentially the best option for a rental home with pets or children.

As you explore all of the window treatments available, you will quickly see how vertical blinds would be a great fit for rental homes. By choosing the right material, color, and size, you can dress up the windows exactly how you want them.

For more information, contact window furnishing stores, such as F & R Interiors.