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How to Complement Your Landscaping with Rocks

When deciding how you want to landscape, you might consider landscaping with rocks. Rock landscaping offers versatility in the design, is low maintenance, and is extremely durable. Here are just a few of the ways you can landscape with rocks.

Different Types of Landscaping Rocks

There are many different types of landscaping rocks, and all of them are attractive and have different advantages. Here are some of the landscaping rocks you can use.

  • Natural stone: This is probably the most versatile and distinctive of all the landscaping rocks. With natural stone you are guaranteed a wide variety of colors and shapes for a beautiful look.
  • Lava Rock: This porous rock comes in either black or red. It is lightweight so it is easy to install and has a unique and interesting look.
  • Gravel: This type of rock landscaping can be very complementary with your plants and house. You can get different-colored gravel mixed in with neutral-colored gravel for an overall dazzling effect.
  • Crushed Granite: This type of landscaping rock is not expensive and comes in beautiful earth tones such as red, brown, tan, and gray.

Different Landscaping Ideas

There are several different ways you can use rocks to make your landscaping fun and interesting.

  • Rock gardens: If you want to really add a bit of flair to your landscaping then make a rock garden. All you have to do is find a large interesting rock, place it among ground cover or ivy, and plant some low-lying flowers. Fill in any bare areas with some smaller rocks and you will have yourself a gorgeous rock garden!
  • Use rocks around a pond: If you decide to build a small landscape pond, then consider placing rocks around the edge to make a nice border. It will help make your pond look more natural and add interest to the pond and your landscape.
  • Rocks instead of mulch: Consider replacing mulch around your trees and shrubbery with rocks. It contrasts nicely and doesn't have to be replaced often like mulch does.
  • Accent a container garden: If you have a container garden, consider placing those containers on top of rocks instead of grass or dirt. It gives you a different look than you normally see with a container garden, and you can use a contrasting color of rocks against the container color. This will really give your landscaping a striking look.

Using all of these tips and tricks, you can really take your landscape to the next level and lower your landscaping costs and maintenance at the same time! For further ideas about implementing rocks into your landscaping, contact a representative from a company like Creative Landscape Designs.