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Counter-Arguments: Choosing The Right Counter Tops For Your Home

When designing or re-designing your kitchen, choosing the right counter top can be downright overwhelming!  A mere stroll through a home improvement store might send your mind spiraling as you consider the seemingly endless choices.  However, by considering the price, functionality, and appearance, you should be able to narrow down your choices significantly.  


Determining your budget will most likely be the fastest route to narrowing down your options. For example, if you cannot afford to pay more than $20 per square foot, list wood, laminate, and tile as the least expensive options. Prices for tile counter tops can even begin at $5 per square foot.  However, if your kitchen budget allows for more money, you can also consider more expensive options such as quartz, granite, or marble.  Use the price range provided at to develop a written list of possible materials that you can use in your kitchen.  Next, you can narrow your list by considering functionality.


When selecting the type of material for your counter tops, it is vital that you carefully research how well each material will function within your family situation.  For example, a granite or marble counter top is undoubtedly beautiful.  However, asserts that all stone counter tops must be sealed periodically. Wood counter tops require occasional sanding and oiling. If you are a busy parent with young children, these task might seem too daunting.  Quartz counter tops, on the other hand, require virtually no maintenance.  In fact, considers quartz counter tops to be the "most durable option for kitchens."  For a busy family with young children, this might be a more functional material.   


Now that your options have been narrowed by cost and functionality, you can now make your final decision based solely on aesthetics!  If you prefer a more formal appearance, granite is a beautifully elegant option.  If a warm, inviting atmosphere is your preference, you might find the rustic appearance of wood to be quite charming. Glass can create a sleek and modern atmosphere in your kitchen.  

If you still have difficulty making your final choice, asserts that you can mix and match surfaces within one kitchen.  For example, you might prefer a marble counter top for baking and a classic butcher block island for chopping.  

Selecting the right counter top for your kitchen is merely a matter of considering your family's needs along with personal preference.  Use the above guidelines to help you in finding the perfect material for your home.