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Park Model Homes: Great Living In Prefabricated Packages

In the past, mobile homes or trailers came in one package: a long, narrow rectangle. Although they were often quite comfortable and affordable, they lacked style and looked temporary. New park model homes are quite attractive and can work as vacation homes or as permanent residences. They are especially good choices for retirees. If you are looking for a new home that offers excellent flexibility, consider a park model.


The park model home can serve as either a vacation home or a small permanent residence. They can be seen as part of the tiny house movement, but they are prefabricated models. Unlike the old mobile homes, park model homes have the features you expect conventional houses to have. Some have lofts, porches, and peaked roofs along with other amenities. They are small but can accommodate several adults with limited possessions. A typical park model home is 10 to 12 feet wide and comparable in price to traditional mobile homes. They can be moved to different locations, although many people permanently place them on vacation lots.  


In addition to being mobile, the price of these units allows you to spend more money on land, meaning you could end up with a prime vacation lot and a nice-looking home. Contrary to popular belief, mobile homes do not necessarily depreciate. When they are placed on private land instead of in a park, they can actually go up in value as they are hot properties as vacation homes. Repairs on these models are less expensive than on traditional homes. Also, the smaller space means heating and cooling costs are quite reasonable. 


For the 55-plus crowd, park model communities are an option. They allow for down-sized living in a social setting. For seniors, having regular interactions with others has physical and mental benefits. Socially active seniors have a reduced risk of heart problems, high blood pressure, and depression. Living in a friendly community can extend your life. 

Park model homes give you all the advantages of tiny houses, plus they are mobile and less expensive. They may serve as a vacation home or a permanent residence for those people who do not mind living in smaller spaces with fewer possessions. Mobile home living no longer has to look like residing in a cracker box. Park model homes are stylish and comfortable, making them the perfect choice for seniors or anyone else seeking to downsize. For more information, contact companies like Resort Homes