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Three Ideal Uses For Self-Storage Units

You might think of storage units as just something you can use when you're moving or in transition. In those situations, you rent the unit before moving, put everything in it, and then empty the space when you're ready to move into your new home. Despite the fact that they're popular for movers, storage units serve many purposes. Here are a few other ways that a storage unit can help you.

Protecting Valuable Collections

Whether you're interested in model cars, stamps, or collectible toys, climate-controlled storage facilities are a great way to protect your collections. Even if you're looking at mini-storage units, choose a unit that's a little bit bigger than you think you need to have space for your collection to grow. The extra space also gives you room to install shelves and floor protection so that everything is elevated enough to protect it in case of a flood.

Storing Documents

If you have important documents, such as birth certificates, deeds, tax papers or other vital records, keeping them in a climate-controlled storage unit may be a great option. Not only will all of the paperwork be together and secure, but you can control who can have access to them.

Keeping the items somewhere out of your home, you reduce the risk of burglars or others finding your vital personal information. Banking records, investment documents, and similar business information can also be safer in a storage facility.

Keeping Seasonal Items

When you need somewhere to store your seasonal decorations, such as holiday items, self-storage facilities give you a great place to do that without cluttering your home. The same holds true for seasonal hobbies, like skis and snowboard equipment or summer sports supplies. No matter what you're holding on to until the weather changes, storage facilities provide that extra square footage that you need to keep things secure.

Before you store holiday decorations, pack them all in plastic storage containers so that they are protected from moisture, pests, and other issues. Since holiday decorations are usually only displayed for brief periods, packing them safely for the rest of the year is important.  

Storage units are far more versatile than you might think. Not only do they help you keep clutter at bay, but they are valuable investments to protect your documents, seasonal items and equipment. With the information presented here, you can see several additional uses for self-storage units. Consider investing in a storage facility for your needs today.

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