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3 Problems You May Have With Your Furnace

Unlike air conditioning, many consider heating a necessity instead of a luxury. Not only do you need it to stay warm in the winter, but it is also crucial in preventing your water pipes from freezing. Nobody should have to suffer because your furnace stopped working, which is why you must understand the different potential problems you could have with your furnace.

The Furnace Has Completely Stopped Producing Heat

There may come a time when the furnace is completely unresponsive to your thermostat and is no longer producing heat for your home. It's best to start with the electricity going to the furnace. Check and make sure that no breakers have been tripped, and the furnace is still receiving power. If the furnace isn't receiving power, you'll need to hire an electrician to figure out what is wrong.

For gas powered furnaces, inspect the pilot light. You want to see a small flame in the furnace at all times, because it is what helps the furnace ignite when the heat turns on. If the pilot light is off, try relighting it. You'll need to contact your gas provider if you are having an issue where the furnace is not getting an ample supply of gas.

The Furnace Produces Very Little Heat

If your furnace turns on, but the heat it is producing is not very warm, it could be from an issue with your ductwork. Check your basement or crawl space to verify that everything is still connected. Air ducts that are not completely sealed can cause all that warm air to leak into an area of your home you never intended to heat.

It's also possible that the blower could be failing, and not operating at full speed to push the warm air through your home.

The Thermostat Is Broken

Your thermostat will need to be working properly to heat your home. Switch out the batteries in the thermostat so you know it is fully powered. Then closely observe the indoor temperature reading to verify how accurate it is. You may want to put a thermometer next to the thermostat so you can tell if it's working correctly.

Inaccurate temperature readings can also be due to sunlight that is hitting the thermostat throughout the day. You will need to move the thermostat to a new spot if direct sunlight is a consistent problem.

By understanding why your furnace could be having a problem, you'll be able to troubleshoot the issue quickly. For more information, contact A Bailey Plumbing or a similar company.