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Find Balance When Landscaping a Sloped Side Yard

For many homeowners, their side yard is an opportunity for additional gardening space or a compact place for the kids to play. Whatever your intentions for the side of your backyard are, it can become a challenge to work with if the terrain is sloped. Instead of giving up on landscaping due to the slope, look into plants and other design features that work with downhill outdoor spaces.

Add a Retaining Wall

The easiest way to add some style to a sloped side yard is by getting a retaining wall put in. Not only will it help keep plants grown on the slope in place, it will also add an appealing feature that can help to disguise the severity of the slope. When getting a retaining  wall put in, consider whether your yard looks best with natural stones or bricks.

Lay Down a Walkway Alongside the Slope

Any side yard should have a walkway through it, allowing for easy access from the front yard to the back. When working around a sloped yard, make sure you put in a walkway that provides plenty of extra room for you and any visitors to walk comfortably.

Install a Water Feature

When working with any vertical space outdoors, a small man-made waterfall can be the perfect finishing touch. Not only can the slope help to fit the waterfall in without much effort, the sound of trickling water can be very soothing.

Choose Hardy and Local Plants

Finding plants that will thrive in your side yard have a lot to do with focusing on the slope itself. In order for the plants to do well, you'll want to make sure the plants are hardy enough to grow on a slope and won't require much gardening skill. Some good options for sloped yards include English ivy, junipers, and roses.

Make Sure the Yard Feels Connected

When landscaping a side yard, it can be tempting to go for an entirely different style than the rest of the yard. While your side yard can feel separate from your backyard, you'll want to go with a similar look to keep the space feeling cohesive. With some effort towards choosing similar landscaping features, your yard can feel larger and more inviting.

Landscaping your yard is one of the best ways to add value to your home, but it can become confusing to work with if you have a sloped side yard. With some tips for working around slopes and hills, you'll be able to give your yard the finished look you've been dreaming of. For more information, contact NW Landscape Management Inc.