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3 Ways To Update Your Bathroom On A Budget

If you need to update your bathroom on a budget, then there are several things you can do that will not cost a lot of money. Here are 3 excellent ideas to incorporate in your bathroom for a new look.

A Backsplash

First, you can include a backsplash in the bathroom that will really update the look. Where you put the backsplash depends on the room. If you have a small powder room with the toilet on one wall and the sink on the other, consider doing a backsplash on the wall with the toilet.

By adding it to the toilet wall from the top of the toilet all the way to the top of the wall, you can elongate the bathroom and make it feel taller and bigger.

If you add a backsplash, you will need some sticky mats or plaster to adhere the tiles to the wall. If you use tiles that have gaps between them, you will also need grout to fill in the spaces. If the tiles are stacked together with no spaces, then you just need plaster to make sure that the tiles stick to the wall properly.


Second, consider adding some new hardware to the bathroom so that it looks updated. Replace or add new knobs and pulls on all of the drawers and cabinets so that they look fancier. Also, change any towel racks and toilet paper holders that do not match the new hardware.

In addition, you can replace a normal towel bar with individual hooks that have decorative features. This will make your bathroom feel more like a hotel or a fancy resort where luxury is important.


Lastly, you can easily change the flooring so that your bathroom looks nicer. If you have vinyl in your bathroom, then this is one of the best updates you can do because vinyl is one of the least sophisticated materials and does not really add much to the bathroom.

To update the flooring, peel up the vinyl and make sure that you have a smooth surface to work with. You can then lay tile along with grout and plaster so that the tiles stay in place. When you add tiles, make sure that you measure the room so that you know how many tiles to buy.

You will probably also need to get some of the tiles cut to fit along the wall where they will not fit as whole pieces.

By doing these 3 updates, you can make your bathroom look like a luxury suite bathroom, and it will not cost you more than a few hundred dollars. For further assistance, contact professionals, such as those from