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Furniture To Help Adults That Have Developmental And Physical Disabilities With Gardening

If you have a family member with a physical or developmental disability, below are some tips on things you can do to make gardening an enjoyable hobby for him or her.

Furniture for the Gardening Area

Visit a garden center or a furniture store to look at some garden furniture to place around your gardening area. This gives your family member a place to rest when they get tired, as well as a place for him or her to enjoy their work.

Garden benches work well, and they come in a variety of sizes and materials. Choose a stone bench if you plan to keep it in place. If you use stone edging on the garden, consider choosing the same type of stone for your bench.  If you don't want to use stone, you can choose a granite bench.

Hire someone to engrave a message on the stone. Let your family member choose what they want on it. One idea is to dedicate the garden to a loved one that has passed away, or a nice garden message.

Furniture for Gardening

If your family member is not able to stand for long periods of time, visit a furniture store and find a small bench that can easily be moved. You may want to consider a footstool to sit on. Make sure the rows in the flowerbed or vegetable garden are wide enough to put this type of furniture.

If your family member is in a wheelchair, place planks of wood down each row so he or she can roll their chair down the rows. If you do not want to use wood placed, you can put down concrete pavers.

Furniture for Relaxing

After doing all of the gardening work, your loved one will likely want somewhere to sit comfortably and look at the garden.  Purchase an outside table with chairs. Use specialized cushions on the chairs. These cushions provide cushioning for his or her arms, set, and back.

If your family member is in a wheelchair, purchase a specialized picnic table. These tables are higher, and they have a seat cutout for the wheelchair to fit under the table.

Providing these things for your family member will help him or her enjoy gardening. It will make them feel good knowing they created something on their own, whether that is vegetables to eat, or a vase of flowers sitting on the table. To learn more, contact a company like Complete Claim Furniture Service LLC with any questions you have.