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5 Ways To Save Some Wear And Tear On Your Lawn Sprinklers

Keeping your lawn green and your plants alive is an important part of home maintenance, but all that nature can result in costly water bills and put a lot of pressure on your sprinkler system. The following five tips and tricks offer easy ways to save some money and a little wear and tear on your lawn sprinklers:

Plant Your Tasty Herbs Indoors

Instead of relying on your sprinklers to take care of herbs, peppers, and other small veggies that you like to eat, consider growing them in your kitchen windowsill or on the porch. You can water them by hand which saves water, and your sprinklers don't have to worry about keeping up with the extra growth.

Go Old-Fashioned Twice a Month

With watering by hand in mind, a great way to minimize your water consumption and the wear and tear on your sprinklers is to turn your watering system off twice a month, and water your grass the way it was done before fancy sprinklers were invented. Even if you don't have the inclination to use a watering can, if you use a hose to water your lawn a couple times a week, you should notice a savings in water.

Avoid Watering During the Day

It's important not to water your grass during the middle of the day because the heat from the sun just evaporates the water and renders it useless to your greenery. Instead, water the grass early in the morning or later in the evening when at all possible. This will provide hydration that can be called upon by your grass for a few hours before the elements seep it up somehow.

Get Special Sprinkler Heads

You may be able to save yourself a little water and wear and tear by replacing your sprinkler heads with a variety that slows down the amount of water emitted from them. This lowers the water pressure so your sprinklers don't have to work as hard, and will minimize the amount of water that needs to be used at watering times.

Minimize Surface Space

The less grass and gardens you have to water, the fewer resources you'll end up using overall. Installing stepping stones, a concrete patio, a gazebo, or dirt paths will help to keep your watering surface space manageable.

Saving water is a responsible move to make, and it benefits your home and your pocketbook when all is said and done. For more information, contact Krupske Sprinkler Systems or a similar company.