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7 Benefits Of A Granite Kitchen Countertop

Interior designers have understood the many benefits of granite kitchen countertops for decades, but it's only been 10 years or so since homeowners have started to recognize these benefits, as well. There are many reasons why people of all income levels are beginning to choose granite countertops for their homes. Here are seven benefits you can enjoy after selecting granite countertops from a company like Alma Granite for your kitchen remodel.

1. Granite is Versatile

Granite countertops are available in a wide variety of colors, from traditional beige and brown tones to beautiful shades of black, red, blue, green and white. Granite can also be cut into any curved or angled shape you desire.

2. Granite is Easy to Clean

A granite countertop can be cleaned with a simple mixture of mild soap and water. There are also specially designed stone cleaners and sealers available on the market to provide an added layer of protection for your countertop.

3. Granite is Sanitary

Granite is one of the most sanitary materials for your countertop because it doesn't harbor bacteria or fungi.

4. Granite is Durable

You can actually cut directly on your countertop because granite is extremely hard to scratch. The only materials that rival the durability of granite are quartz and diamonds.

5. Granite Adds Value to Your Home

Investing in granite countertops adds resale value to your home. Many home buyers are willing to pay more for a home with kitchen countertops made of granite than one with laminate or tile countertops.

6. Granite is Heat Resistant

Granite will not burn if you set a hot item on it without a trivet. Hot pots and pans can be set on your countertop immediately after removing them from your oven or stovetop.

7. Granite is more Affordable than You Think

Although granite countertops are traditionally manufactured from a solid slab of granite, companies are now making countertops comprised of a thin layer of granite mounted to a fiberglass or other substrate board. This means homeowners on a budget can enjoy the benefits of granite countertops without overspending.

The ancient Egyptians were the first to discover and appreciate the timeless beauty of granite, making this material much more than a temporary style trend. Its unique beauty comes from the fact that each piece of granite has its own natural variations in markings, pitting and veining patterns. Before you choose a new countertop material for your kitchen remodel, discuss your options with a granite supplier.