4 Tips for Using a Space Heater in a Room With Laminate Flooring

During the winter, you may choose to supplement your heating with a space heater in certain rooms. Unfortunately, laminate flooring can sometimes react poorly when excessive heat is applied to near to the flooring. This can result in slight warping, bubbling, or shifting of your flooring. It is still possible to safely use a space heater in a room with laminate flooring, but you should take the following steps to help protect your flooring from any unnecessary heat damage. [Read More]

Glass Tile Installation: Bonding Mortar Tips

The use of glass tiles in a home usually gives it a touch of style that is almost impossible to replicate with largely opaque materials such as ceramic. This, in addition to the fact that glass can blend seamlessly into almost any already-installed house theme, has seen a rise in the use of glass tiles -- both as accent pieces and as field tiles. However, glass usually works its aesthetic magic only when properly installed. [Read More]

2 Misconceptions About Water Softeners Debunked

If you have considered having a water softener installed at your home, then you likely already know how much better soft water is for your skin, hair, home appliances, and plumbing than hard water is. However, if you have not yet decided to "pull the trigger" and have a water softening system installed in your home, then you may have decided against it due to one of the following myths. Read on to learn the truth behind two common misconceptions about home water softeners and why you can have soft water in your home without raising your blood pressure or sacrificing the health of your garden. [Read More]

Putting Up Gutters On Your Rental Property? Consider The Details For A Long-Lasting Installation

When you own a property, it makes sense to improve it over the years as it becomes financially possible. If you have a rental home that you maintain, you may think that investing in minimal upgrades is the way to go because it will not affect the amount that you can charge for rent by that much. But there is another factor that you should take into consideration, and that is the long-term maintenance expenses. [Read More]